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Traveling Information

Ticket information

We do assist our clients in searching and purchasing of a reasonable priced tickets. The ticket price is not included in the price of the tour package price. Arrival is usually to Tanzania at Kilimanjaro International Airport or Dar es Salaam International Airport. In the case of budget safari arrival via Nairobi International Airport can be considered. We can arrange pink up and drop off at Nairobi International Airport after the tour. It should however be taken into account that transfering between Nairobi in Kenya and Arusha or Moshi in Tanzania will takes approximately 6 and 7 hours. If your destination is Zanzibar, then there is the possibility to land at the Dar es Salaam International Airport or directly to Zanzibar International Airport.
Airport Codes:
Kilimanjaro / JRO
Dar es Salaam / DAR
Zanzibar / ZNZ
Nairobi / NBO

Tourism Seasons

There are two main tourism season in Tanzania. High season starts from the end of May, June, July, August, Septermber till October. The Low season starts from December, January, February, March till the beginning of April. The tour season are set in a way to avoid rain seasons which may affect your trip. There are two main rainy season. The longer rain season is from April to May and the second short rain season is on Novermber. However the intensity, lenth and seasons periods are less predictable nowdays partly due to global climatic changes.

Passport & Visa

Visitors to Tanzania are required to have a valid passport not less than six month. Visas are required for all visitors (except citizens of the commonwealth countries). Tanzania visas can be obtained at any of its Embassy or at the port of entry for $50 per visa. The tourists visa are usual valid for three month and can be extended if necessary.


Required vaccinations are Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A + B, and Typhoid. It is highly recommended that one should take anti-malaria prevention medication prior to visiting Tanzania. There many Malaria preventive drugs in the Market today. Please consult your Doctor/Physician for recommendation on the best prevention.


Personal effects such as radio, binoculars, cameras, sleeping bag, mountain climbing gears may be imported freely of customs taxes. For the items bought in Tanzania, the visitor must keep all the receipts, because they will be required on your exit by the custom officers. It is illegal to export items like Turtle Shells, Coral, Ivory and Sea Shells. It is highly recommended not to transport such items.

Travel Insurance

For those who can afford it is highly recommended to have comprehensive coverage which comprises ambulance, return flights as well as personal items.


There is no limit to the amount of money one can bring into the country as long as it is declared by the custom official if the amount exceed $10,000. As for the local currency up to Tsh 2000 can be taken out of the country. It is recommended that, one carries small amount of hard cash for things like Airport taxes, Souvenir shoppings, Diving, and other things that are optional on your tour or safari package. One can change either hard cash or travellers cheques at one of many bureau de change, but for travellers cheque the rate can be between 5% to 10% lower compared to hard cash. Credit cards are accepted in many hotels and few curio shops. One should keep track on rate of exchange since it can change without notice.


Those who wish to send post cards, it usual take two to three week to reach destination. As for packages, Poste Restante is recommended since it is very reliable means of sending packages.

Telephone and Fax | Mobile Phone GSM | Internet

Telephone service in tourist towns is very good and with the help of GSM technology one can talk to any coner of the globe from Tanzania. There are telephone, fax and internet services caffe in many town.


For those who are bringing devices which might require charging, the voltage supply is 230 volts. The plug system is either square or round, three or two pins British system.


Since east Africa is in equator the climate is tropical, therefore it is recommended to pack light clothing for those who plan to visit coastal areas. But for those plan to go on budget camping safari in places like Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Manyara, it is recommended to pack light-weight without forgetting a jacket since temperature can drop dramatically during the night.

Other items to bring with you when accommodated in Lodges during the Safari

-Sun cream
-Sun glasses
-Light clothes

Other items to bring with you when accommodated in Camps during the Safari

-Sleeping bag
-Headlight or Flash torch
-Sun cream
-Sun glasses
-Light clothes
-Insect repellent

Other items to bring with you for Mt.Meru or Mt.Kilimanjaro Climbing

-Wind breaker and water proof Jacket
-Water proof trousers
-Thermal underpants / Long Johns
-Good hiking shoes / Boots
-Sun glasses
-Walking stick
-Headlight or Flash torch